The infrastructure powering at-home diagnostics

Chronomics makes it easy for leading brands to offer personalized diagnostics-driven experiences to customers. 

From logistics to sample collection and presentation of results - 

everything is automated through our seamless API-driven infrastructure.


Trusted by global leaders

Welcome to the bio revolution

We are at the dawn of a bio revolution that will transform societies, economies and our lives over the coming century.

Advances in biomarkers (quantifiable information derived from the analysis of molecules) are changing what it means to personalize everyday products and services - and our ability to measure their effectiveness.

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    Whether you’re travelling or just for your own peace of mind, check your Covid-19 status and receive a certificate.

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    COVID-19 solutions for organizations

    Contact our team to quickly and conveniently arrange COVID-19 testing solutions for your organization, including corporate, schools, sports teams and events.

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    Chronomics’ bio-infrastructure - an engine to power the revolution

    At Chronomics, we’re building the technology engine to power this revolution. 

    Founded by scientists from the world’s leading research universities, we have brought together an expert team across science, technology, business and operations to create our proprietary, plug-in bio-infrastructure platform.

      Access biology at the software level

      By enabling access to biology at a software level, our platform and API solutions are reducing the cost, time and complexity of utilizing bio-science.

      Chronomics is quickly becoming a trusted partner of leading organizations across industries including health, wellness, nutrition, retail, travel, beauty, fertility and pet-welfare.

      Personalization transformed; outcomes improved; value delivered

      Together with our clients, we are powering diagnostics for telehealth; creating scientific diet plans; transforming how people sleep; customizing skincare and fitness routines; and facilitating safe travel and work during COVID-19. 

      Bioinfrastructure is enabling our clients to transform their customer value propositions; improve real-life outcomes; and build a significant and sustainable competitive advantage at the frontier of science and technology.

      End-to-end bio-infrastructure platform

      At Chronomics, we’ve built the first end-to-end bio-infrastructure platform to radically simplify, speed up and scale how organizations integrate biomarkers into their products and services - driving value and improving outcomes.

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      More than 100 biomarkers and counting

      Designed to help humankind understand biological data, biomarkers are the simplest way to measure past or ongoing biological processes in any living organism. At Chronomics, our science team holds a portfolio of more than 100 ready-to-integrate biomarker testing solutions, and can consult with you to tailor new biomarkers specific to your product and business objectives.

      World-class operations and customer service

      Our best-in-class, single unit ID system tracks every test we send out so you know you’re getting one of the most reliable services on the market. We deliver the full user journey - sending and receiving testing kits; multinational postage and laboratory logistics; and accessing results on both individual and organizational levels.

      Global, scalable, approved

      It’s our mission to deliver actionable biological information to you, wherever you are. Our testing capabilities are compliant in more than 50% of the global health market and are driven by a worldwide network of ISO accredited labs and fulfilment partners. Whether you’re an affiliate organisation or you’re getting individual tests directly from us, our aim is to make it easy for you.