Hello, we're Chronomics

Pioneering the future of proactive healthcare

Driven by a passion for using actionable deep biological data for preventative healthcare, Chronomics is more than just a pioneering
testing company - we are starting a revolution in the way we treat our health and well being.
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The Problem

Around the world, people are living longer, but less well...


Of us will have a chronic illness triggered by our lifestyle or environment by 2020.


Of non-communicable diseases are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors.

4 in 10

Cancers are due to environment and lifestyle alone and all are preventable.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Values

We’re leading a health revolution

We are striving to make healthcare personalised and preventative. To support you in taking proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

We are scientists

We passionately believe that science and data is the only way to take away the guesswork and help you make informed health choices.

Own your data

We are serious about the information you share with us. You own your data, and we will never sell, redistribute, or do anything without your knowledge and consent.

We champion the individual

Everything we do is dedicated to enabling you to choose the best path for your own health.