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35+ measures of health

Biological age

The most accurate biomarker of the ageing process in humans. We look at over 20 million positions in your DNA.

Smoke signature

Quantify how the damaging toxins found in tobacco smoke and air pollution are affecting the body - even for non-smokers

Metabolic status

A measure of how well the metabolism of your cells is working – the molecular version of BMI.

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Epigenetics: behind the sciene

Why an epigenetic test is more valuable than other DNA tests?

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Other DNA tests on the market mainly show genetic insights, such as ancestry or predisposition to certain diseases, but all these insights are fixed from birth. As a health practitioner this information can be useful but it leaves you powerless to change your clients’ futures. Genetic tests miss the impact of lifestyle and environmental factors, which we know can have a profound impact in our health.

Epigenetics means ‘on top of’ genetics. The Chronomics epigenetic test reveals how a person’s health is being shaped by lifestyle and environment over time, which makes it an updated health test that you can repeat! Epigenetic information decides which genes are turned ‘on’ or ‘off’, which ultimately affects the risk of developing chronic illnesses (such as different types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or neurodegenerative pathologies).

By measuring how specific interventions (for instance changes in diet, exercise or sleep) are affecting the molecular health of your clients, you can help them change their future for the better.

0.1% error rate with next-generation sequencing technology

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Most DNA testing companies use array technology to measure ~640,000 genetic markers. This is a relatively-old technology with up to 40% error rate (false positives). This means that the health insights they give might be useful but often inaccurate.

Chronomics combines the latest next-generation sequencing technology with powerful machine learning to assess more than 20 million epigenetic markers. This technology is complex, we know, but with a <0.1% error rate, anyone can see how our unique approach provides extremely accurate results.

We’re developing more indictors of health right now and you’ll get instant access to them as they arrive. Next-generation sequencing technology means we can provide new health insights using the same saliva sample and even apply them to previous tests taken.