How drunk is your DNA?

For the first time, use epigenetics to discover how alcohol consumption is impacting your health at a DNA level.

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Chronomics uses the world's most advanced DNA test to show you how alcohol consumption is affecting your health today and impacting your disease risks tomorrow.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of how lifestyle and environment factors can change the structure of your DNA.

Epigenetics Controls Genes

This is a combination of nature and nurture. Whilst you are born with a unique set of genes, your lifestyle and environment can cause certain genes to be turned off or turned on.

Epigenetics Is Everywhere

What you eat, where you live, who you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise, even ageing – all of these can eventually cause genes to be turned on or off over time. Additionally, in certain diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, some genes will be switched into the opposite state, away from the normal, healthy state.

Epigenetics Makes Us Unique

Even though we are all human, why do some of us have blonde hair or darker skin? Why are some of us more sociable than others? The different combinations of genes that are turned on or off is what makes each one of us unique. Furthermore, there is evidence to show that some epigenetic changes can be inherited.

Epigenetics Is Reversible

With 20,000+ genes, what will be the result of the different combinations of genes being turned on or off? The possible arrangements are enormous! But if we could map every single cause and effect of the different combinations, and if we could reverse the gene’s state to keep the good while eliminating the bad… then we could theoretically cure cancer, slow ageing, stop obesity, and so much more.

What can epigenetics do to support me with reducing the impact of alcohol on my health?

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Measure The Impact

Discover how alcohol consumption is affecting your health today using epigenetics. Learn what alcohol does to your epigenetics and why this affects your health.

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Take Steps To Reduce Consumption

Alcohol consumption is the widely socially acceptable, yet hugely damaging for your health. Work with Chronomics to take steps to reduce consumption.

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Enjoy The Benefits

Discover how your disease risk has reduced and your future health has improved with a repeat test.

Massive risk factors for liver disease are completely avoidable

Understand your alcohol consumption today...

Hospital Admissions

10% of hospital admissions are alcohol related.

Deaths Globally

4% of all deaths in the world are attributed to alcohol.

Diseases Implicated

Alcohol is a causal factor in 60 of the world's major diseases and injury classes.