Be the health revolution.

Your spit can drive scientific discoveries that shape the future of health.

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Chronomics is bringing
testing to the people, to reduce needless deaths from preventable diseases and to accelerate scientific discoveries that will benefit all.

Contribute to the future of health

Learn more about your DNA

Epigenetics provides a window into the interaction between your environment and your genes. Find out about your Biological age and more.

Contribute to leading academic research

We work with leading academics to advance the field of epigenetics and to further refine the proactive insights that we can offer.

Decide where research efforts are made

As a Chronomics pioneer, you choose how and when your data is used within research projects and which projects you wish to contribute to.

Why join Chronomics?

You choose

Our customers decide how and if their data is used, whether it should be deleted or shared.

Unparalleled data quality

We use the latest in next generation sequencing to ensure that your data is as valuable for research purposes as possible.

Stay involved

We want you to see the impact that you are making. That's why we keep you involved as much or as little as you want. From monthly emails to attending conferences, the choice is yours.