Chronomics API partnerships

Tap into our best-in-class technology and health and wellness testing infrastructure by becoming a Chronomics API partner.

Our developer-friendly integrations allow your customers and clients to order fully-compliant, innovative products, and receive results without the fuss of managing your own logistics or lab networks.

What our API can do for you

Drive revenue

Easy to incorporate into your platform to increase your turnover and sales

Offer more with stability built-in

Expand what you’re offering to your customers quickly and easily through us

Maximum return, minimum hassle

Let us do the heavy lifting through our existing services, from logistics to customer success


Fully industry regulated and compliant

How our API works

Our API is a simple, straightforward way for you to tap into our modern infrastructure and provide our services to your end users.

  • Developer-friendly integrations
  • Incorporated payment solutions
  • Delivery to customers directly from our warehouse
  • Provide physical tests and results through coding alone

    Modern workflow design

    An easy way to set-up and offer health testing as a service to your client and customer base.

    • REST API
    • Sandbox environment for testing
    • Code examples
    • Integration support

    Full product range

    You can tap into the full suite of Chronomics testing solutions, programmes and kits.

    • Day-to-day and travel COVID-19 products
    • Epigenetics and wellness testing kits
    • Diagnostic testing for individuals and organisations
    • COVID-19, travel and wellness testing at scale

    User-friendly supported dashboard

    Get full visibility for you and your users through our integrated, best-in-class technology and dashboards.

    • Easy-to-use and intuitive user experience
    • Provide scientific and testing support to your services
    • Generate impact reports
    • Customisable data displays

    More than 100 biomarkers and counting

    Designed to help humankind understand biological data, biomarkers are the simplest way to measure past or ongoing biological processes in any living organism. At Chronomics, our science team holds a portfolio of more than 100 ready-to-integrate biomarker testing solutions, and can consult with you to tailor new biomarkers specific to your product and business objectives.

    World-class operations and customer service

    Our best-in-class, single unit ID system tracks every test we send out so you know you’re getting one of the most reliable services on the market. We deliver the full user journey - sending and receiving testing kits; multinational postage and laboratory logistics; and accessing results on both individual and organizational levels.

    Easy-to-use online dashboards

    Our fully compliant digital platforms make it easy for you and your customers to track payments, tests and results on whatever scale you need. Our technology platforms are simple to use, intuitively built and can give you access to all the actionable information you need on both an organisational and individual level.

    A full, flexible service that works

    We are a plug-and-play solution for you to roll out any type of testing you need, including lab services, results, regulation, logistics and customer services, with as little or as much input as you like.

    Our services

    Mass testing for COVID-19

    COVID-19 Saliva PCR test

    COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test

    COVID-19 Anti-Spike Antibody test

    Testing for travel

    Fit To Fly

    Test To Release

    Test To Return

    Day 2 day 8 test

    Testing for wellbeing

    Epigenetic test

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