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Take control of your health and the aging process itself with epigenetics.

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Using the latest in
testing to discover how your lifestyle and environment are impacting your health at a DNA level, BIOS and Chronomics can help you to actually reverse your body's biological ageing process over time and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses.
Biological Age: As we age our cells become damaged and over time our bodies deteriorate. Genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors mean we age at different rates, and
tags on your DNA allow us to analyse these influences and give a true measure of your body’s age. This is a much more accurate picture of your current state of health than the number of candles on your birthday cake.

What is epigenetics exactly?

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Epigenetics Controls Genes

While you are born with a unique set of genes, your lifestyle and environment can cause certain genes to be turned off or on, the study of these changes is called epigenetics.

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Epigenetics Is Everywhere

Leading scientists have shown that what you eat, where you live, when you sleep, how you exercise, even ageing – can all eventually cause genes to change from a healthy to an unhealthy state.

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Epigenetics Can Be Reversed

Epigenetic testing can help you understand your risk of chronic illness. You can use this information to make better health choices, reversing the damage and avoiding illness in later life.

Our Solution

Choose from either epigenetic testing, or epigenetics and genetics combined.

Epigenetic Testing

The only solution on the planet that uses repeatable epigenetic testing to show you how your lifestyle and environment affects your DNA and measures your overall wellness over time. Giving you the tools to create a healthier future.

This is how it works

Just follow five simple steps to improve your long term health

Provide your sample

When you sign up we'll provide an easy-to-use saliva testing kit. Simply spit in the tube and return your sample.

We sequence your DNA

Next, our team of scientists will analyse your DNA sample, using pioneering Next-Generation Sequencing technology to extract the most data of any DNA test currently available.

Receive your data

Within a 6-8 weeks your insights will be ready. Your doctor will provide your data in a friendly, concise way that offers a clear picture of your health at the DNA level.

Create your health plan

Work with your health professional to create a tailored improvement plan based on your results - using your epigenetic data to inform your health decisions.

Measure your progress

Check in with the your health centre regularly to keep you on track, and repeat your epigenetic test annually to see your health improve over time.