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Chronomentary: Latest Epigenetics News and Articles - May 2018

A digest of epigenetics news and research for people powered by Chronomics...

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Chronomics @Longevity World

València acogerá en noviembre el primer foro sobre longevidad y genómica de Europa, Longevity World

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Honey Bee Genetics - I Will Not "Bee" Queen

We take a look at how honey bee genetics and epigenetics helps in deciding roles in the hive.

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Epigenetics and cancer: not so SNimPle

Cancer epigenetics - are we thinking rationally?

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Saliva test DNA company expands globally after $100k US boost

A Cambridge startup with claims to be the world’s first direct-to-consumer epigenetic testing ....

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Cambridge Independent: Chronomics offers chance for you to track your health through epigenetic testing

Cambridge start-up says it is world’s first company to offer the direct-to-consumer test

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Quantum Yoga Podcast

Dr Tom Stubbs on Quantum Yoga Podcast Talking About Epigenetic Testing

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Remove the Guesswork: health fitness and wellbeing for Busy Professionals

Check out episode 45 to heard Chronomics be interviewed.

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Daily Habits: Podcast 022

Epigenetic testing and how it can benefit you with the Chronomics team

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How does epigenetics work?

Watch this 10 minute dummies guide to epigenetics


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