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What’s my biological age again?

Dr Dil looks at biological age, why it is relevant to your health and what you can do to improve it

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Beginning your epigenetic testing journey

Dr. Dilraj Kalsi walks you through how to use epigenetic testing for maximum health benefits.

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Nutritional Epigenetics and The Epigenetic Diet

We take a deeper look into how the epigenetic regulation of metabolism can lead to health problems.

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Epigenetics and Exercise: The Biological Wonders of Exercising

The benefits of practising regular physical activity go beyond improving our figure and wellbeing.

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Does smoking cannabis affect sperm count and fertility?

...research is being carried out on how this psychoactive compound affects our bodies...

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Learning to Forget: Epigenetic Mechanisms and Inherited Phobias

Past experiences can affect to how we react to future events, changing our epigenetic mechanisms.

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Epigenetics and Mental Health

We examine the relationship between epigenetics, mental health and psychiatric disorders

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Sleep and your DNA: How Sleep Deprivation Effects your Health

We look sleep deprivation's effects on the human body and it's impact on your epigenetics.

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