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Epigenetics Weekly Update: Friday 12 October 2018

A weekly digest of epigenetic and proactive health research and news powered by Chronomics

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Epigenetic Inheritance: Being a Dad Starts at Preconception

Dads also have a big part to play in fetal health

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Forging a wellness driven future at the Summit of Minds 2018

When the brains of the world gather in a small mountain town, what would the overarching theme be?

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Official Launch of the Chronomics DNA Epigenetics Test: The Future is Personal

Summary of the official launch of the Chronomics DNA epigenetics test.

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What is my Biological Age?

Your age is a number. Your Biological Age is a choice.

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Chronomentary: Latest Epigenetics News and Articles - May 2018

A digest of epigenetics news and research for people powered by Chronomics...

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Honey Bee Genetics - I Will Not "Bee" Queen

We take a look at how honey bee genetics and epigenetics helps in deciding roles in the hive.

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Epigenetics and cancer: not so SNimPle

Cancer epigenetics - are we thinking rationally?

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What does it mean to be unique? Twins and epigenetics - Identical Twins and their Changing DNA

Even though identical twin's DNA is exactly the same, their environment can change how they develop

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Out of the Frying pan and into the Fire: Academia to Epigenetics Start-up

Well, first impressions of building an epigenetics start up are not as sexy as the media portray it.


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