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Does epigenetics hold the key to human longevity?

We have two different ages; chronological and biological.

Epigenetics new july 2019
Epigenetics News and Research: July 2019

From childhood allergies to poverty, here are a few of the recent studies that have interested us.

Jay clark epigenetics
Making the most of epigenetics

What insights can epigenetic testing offer? From metabolic disease to smoking related illnesses.

Rod long epigenetics
What’s my biological age again?

Dr Dil looks at biological age, why it is relevant to your health and what you can do to improve it

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Beginning your epigenetic testing journey

Dr. Dilraj Kalsi walks you through how to use epigenetic testing for maximum health benefits.

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Chronomics are finalists in the IT innovator of the year category at the Health Investor Awards 2019

We're delighted to be recognised for our innovation in the business of healthcare.

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Nutritional Epigenetics and The Epigenetic Diet

We take a deeper look into how the epigenetic regulation of metabolism can lead to health problems.

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Epigenetics and Exercise: The Biological Wonders of Exercising

The benefits of practising regular physical activity go beyond improving our figure and wellbeing.

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Does smoking cannabis affect sperm count and fertility?

...research is being carried out on how this psychoactive compound affects our bodies...

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The Global Biohacking Sector Is Booming As Major Investors Back Quest for Immortality

And most eye-catchingly are Chronomics, a young London startup that tracks users’ changing health...

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