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How Wolf Reik is unravelling life's other set of instructions at the Babraham Institute

The research has already given birth to a company, called Chronomics.

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Epigenetic Ageing and the Epigenetic Clock

What has an impact on epigenetic aging and how can we delay it?

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European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Annual Conference

‘Innovation needs to innovate’ - European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, Milan

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Genetics vs. Epigenetics: Six reasons that set Chronomics apart from <<insertdnacompany>>

Here are 6 reasons why Chronomics is so much more than just another genomics company.

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Video: Ageing environments and epigenetics: Dr. Tom Stubbs, Longevity World Forum 2018

Keynote address by Dr. Tom Stubbs at the Longevity World Forum 2018 in Valencia, Spain

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Out of the DNA Dark Ages: Environmental Epigenetics

DNA-based insights are no longer static, but change based on lifestyle and environmental epigenetics

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NEO.LIFE 'Reset Your DNA to Slow the Clock'

We show people health implications of their lifestyles today  - something impossible yesterday.

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