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Out of the DNA Dark Ages: Environmental Epigenetics

DNA-based insights are no longer static, but change based on lifestyle and environmental epigenetics

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NEO.LIFE 'Reset Your DNA to Slow the Clock'

We show people health implications of their lifestyles today  - something impossible yesterday.

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Hack your DNA! Chronomics at the Biohackers Summit 2018

Chronomics cofounders Charles Ball and Toby Call flew to the Biohacker Summit 2018 in Toronto.

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Chronomentary: Latest Epigenetics Articles and News - October 2018

A digest of epigenetics articles, news and research for people powered by Chronomics...

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What's Your Kryptonite? The Epigenetic Factors Unique to You

Kryptonite is what weakens Superman. Find out your 'kryptonite' - epigenetic factors unique to you

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Epigenetics Weekly Update: Friday 12 October 2018

A weekly digest of epigenetic and proactive health research and news powered by Chronomics

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Epigenetic Inheritance: Being a Dad Starts at Preconception

Dads also have a big part to play in fetal health

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Forging a wellness driven future at the Summit of Minds 2018

When the brains of the world gather in a small mountain town, what would the overarching theme be?

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Chronomics finalists in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2018

Chronomics have been nominated for CEO of the year and AI Company of the Year.

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Official Launch of the Chronomics DNA Epigenetics Test: The Future is Personal

Summary of the official launch of the Chronomics DNA epigenetics test.

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