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Daily Habits: Podcast 022

Epigenetic testing and how it can benefit you with the Chronomics team

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What does it mean to be unique? Twins and epigenetics - Identical Twins and their Changing DNA

Even though identical twin's DNA is exactly the same, their environment can change how they develop

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Out of the Frying pan and into the Fire: Academia to Epigenetics Start-up

Well, first impressions of building an epigenetics start up are not as sexy as the media portray it.

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Janus in our genes: a brief introduction to epigenetics.

A brief introduction to epigenetics, from William Harvey to present day.

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Protecting your Genetic Data Under the new GDPR Regulations

How Chronomics embrace the values of genetic data protection in the time of the empowered user.

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Epigenetic modification and everyday life

It’s all about changing your dna, or 'epigenetic modification'. Not just the genes you’re born with.

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Chronomics accepted onto RebelBio’s startup program

Meet the 10 Promising Synbio Startups in RebelBio’s London Cohort

Have a podcast? Speak to us about one of our epigenetics experts appearing as a guest.


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