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Chronomentary: Latest Epigenetics News and Articles - May 2018

When we’re not in meetings, giving talks, or working hard in the lab, the Chronomics’ family love taking a few minutes here and there to read epigenetics. Each month, we’ll be highlighting epigenetics news and books that catch our attention.

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This month, we’ll take a look at four articles that discuss biological age and what it means to be epigenetically young. We’re reading about some interesting conversations discussing the importance of epigenetics in obesity, how lifestyle changes can alter health outcomes and how identical twins are providing scientists with clues as to what makes us unique. Additionally, we’re reading about how our metabolism can affect our gene expression.

“DNA methylation-based biomarkers and the epigenetic clock theory of ageing”

Nature Reviews, Review Article

Why do we age at all? What even is ageing? These questions have fascinated gerontologists throughout the ages. As our population ages, these questions are moving from curiosities to necessities with more and more researchers now joining the pursuit for a better understanding of ageing and the potential of its reversal. To first understand something scientifically you need to be able to measure it; enter epigenetics. Epigenetics is enabling us to understand how we age at a level that has never before been seen.

“Epigenetics Clues to Obesity and How Lifestyle Changes Could Modify Your Epigenetic Profile”

What Is Epigenetics, News Article

Epigenetic changes can be reversed through lifestyle changes. Obesity alters the expression of your genes. Research has found that these changes are linked to epigenetic changes and are found not just in your fat cells but throughout your body. Research discussed in this news article describe how these changes unfold and how lifestyle changes can reverse epigenetic changes.

“Identical Twins Hint at How Environments Change Gene Expression”

The Atlantic, News Article

An epigeneticist’s dream. Genetically identical individuals provide epigenetics researchers with the exciting possibility of teasing apart environmental and genetic affects without the need for model organisms. This news article details a rich history of epigenetic studies with identical twins and the insights they have provided us with.

“Methionine metabolism influences genomic architecture and gene expression through H3K4me3 peak width”

Nature Communications, Article

Nutrition and metabolism can alter epigenetics. Ok, but what happens at the level of genome architecture? Genome architecture describes how DNA is folded within a cell and it turns out it too is dependent upon epigenetics. Research in this article use methionine supply to show that changes to nutritional supply, can alter epigenetics resulting in changes to genome architecture.

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