Chronomics Welcomes Ruth Atherton as Chief Legal Officer

Chronomics, a leading tech-bio company, announced their newest addition to the leadership team, Dr. Ruth Atherton as Chief Legal Officer.  

“I am thrilled to continue my work in creating access to health and innovation. Chronomics’ platform enables diagnostics for telemedicine and creates actionable wellness information with novel approaches. I am honoured to join this amazing team,” Atherton said. 

Dr. Atherton is a graduate of the Fordham University of Law and holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Cornell University. With over 20 years in health law, she has served as the Chief Legal Officer for The Commons Project Foundation, Deputy General Counsel for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Sr. Counsel for Sanofi and Genzyme. 

“Dr. Ruth Atherton brings years of outstanding experience as a legal advisor and risk assessment expert to the Chronomics team. Healthcare and biotech are heavily regulated, for good reason, and we now have in-house legal counsel that can expand our compliance programs as one of our company’s biggest strengths,” said CEO Tom Stubbs. 

Atherton will be acting as Chronomic’s CLO, advising the board and leadership on legal, risk and compliance matters and will oversee the company’s legal department, providing strategic direction and guidance across the organisation.