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Hack your DNA! Chronomics at the Biohackers Summit 2018

This October Chronomics went international! Chronomics cofounders Charles Ball and Toby Call flew to the Biohacker Summit 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Chronomics COO Charles Ball scaling the CN Tower, and CBDO Toby Call meeting the locals

The biohacking movement has gone from strength to strength and holds huge promise for spearheading the future of health optimization.

So who are biohackers? And how does Chronomics fit in?

“Biohacking is about system thinking not trusting your intuition or experts but testing it. Even scientific research and the expert opinion is actually a third party opinion until you test it on yourself like Einstein said ‘True knowledge is direct experience.”Teemu Arina, Founder of the Biohacking movement

Biohackers are the ultimate wellness warriors, they go beyond the basic common-sense health adjustments most of us make to our daily lives, and actively seek out or invent new technologies and techniques to implement, test, and optimize their health.

Test, measure, adjust, repeat. A biohacker is on a restless mission to improve their health or mitigate the impact of modern lifestyle. Blue light blocking glasses, ketogenic diets, EEG neurofeedback headbands, blood tests, transfusions, heart rate variability monitors...

Seriously cool science; Chronomics brought the swag and a touch of class to Canada

A warm welcome met us at vast Toronto Metro Convention Centre, and it was clear this was more than a fringe movement. An infectious energy filled the hundreds of enthusiasts and exhibitors who had come from far afield for the Biohackers Summit 2018.

Much more than a straight up health care conference or catch-phrase filled tech or genomics meeting, each and every person had their personal health story to tell, and each their set their goals for the two-day Summit.

Biohackers can’t wait for governments or health services to catch up, they were there to build the future of personalised health and performance themselves, the future of the wellness economy.

Dr. Toby Call declaring the end of the dark ages of DNA testing

On a dramatic stage backlit with lightning bolts keynote speakers including Ben Greenfield, Teemu Arina and Dr. Nicole Avena held the audience captive. People clung to every word to absorb life hacks and health tips from the very best, palpably buzzing at peer reviewed evidence being presented that backs up what they already practice and preach. Ahead of the curve.

Chronomics co-founder Dr. Toby Call took to the stage and announced the dark ages of the DNA testing over. The epigenetics revolution is here.

The topic of epigenetic change due to lifestyle and environment has been at the forefront of biohacking for some years. The interface between genes and the environment is the interface available not just to biohackers, but to all of us in the lives we lead.

Now for the first time it is possible to track epigenetic changes related to health and biological age, and lift the veil on how your body is changing over time.

One of many excited pioneers to join us on the spot!!

The Chronomics pioneer family swelled during those two days, new users were excited about being part of the first wave of epigenetics pioneers, the most advanced DNA test in the world, the message of choice, change, and total transparency a fresh counter existing offerings.

We came away filled with excitement at the potential for taking charge of our health, and confident that with the biohackers we had found a family with our guiding principles and our drive to shake up the status quo.

Hack your biological age - epigenetics was a hot topic at this year's Biohacker Summit

But it wasn’t all about the Biohackers. The mature health care industry in Toronto is a leading example in Canada and North America, and ‘epigenetics’ is on the tip of people’s tongues in a way that still isn’t the case in Europe. The future of preventative healthcare in Canada is bright, and epigenetics testing will play a growing part.

We have to give an enormous thanks to the Biohacking community for embracing us, and to all those in Toronto who made made the journey more than worth it!

So, the DNA dark ages are over, and the biohackers are the first to jump aboard the epigenetics revolution. Will you join us?

Hack your DNA, hack your health, hack your future.

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