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Out of the DNA Dark Ages: Environmental Epigenetics

Out of the DNA Dark Ages

We’re at a new frontier in DNA testing. Where DNA-based insights are no longer static and fixed from birth but dynamic. This frontier is epigenetics. Stretching the power of DNA-based insights over time and revolutionising how we approach health management.

How is this so?

Epigenetics is how your lifestyle and environment are affecting you at a DNA level. It’s the next frontier in DNA testing, providing insights over time that detail updated health risk information that you can actually act on.

Personalised epigenetic testing is revolutionising the way we think about healthcare – from generalist and reactive to personalised and proactive.

Whilst the science of epigenetics is well studied, the cost of the technology to assess it has been prohibitively expensive. Until now. For the first time in history we have reached a point where it is now possible to assess DNA methylation using Next Generation Sequencing technology in a consumer setting.

Scientists at Chronomics’ are at the forefront of epigenetic-based predictors using machine learning (ML) approaches. With our founders having worked on some of the earliest models more than 4 years ago.

Unlike genetic testing companies, Chronomics’ novel method can offer insights that are dynamic over time.

And in contrast to blood-based tests that always refer back to an ‘average’ person, Chronomics’ epigenetic results - based on a saliva test - consider a personalised layer of insight, linking you back to your genome and how that genome is responding to the world around it.

In addition, the nature of epigenetic models means that they are more intuitive for a consumer to interpret than conventional blood tests.

The Chronomics Lifestyle Programme - something for everyone

Whilst static DNA-based testing is becoming commonplace, the Chronomics Lifestyle Programme provides the first changing DNA test with updateable results that give actionable information that can impact health risks. Our solution can benefit from and build upon genetic information to provide the most personalised health insights available anywhere.

The Chronomics Lifestyle Programme is a bridge for people to interact with GPs and health coaches. We don’t just provide you with your results and leave you to manage them. We help you to engage your support network and to make and track those changes to live healthier. Ready in time for your next test in the coming year.

The most exciting aspect for us at Chronomics is knowing we are not far away from a future where health and wellness are converging for the mainstream consumer. We are making personalised and proactive intervention the norm, where all stakeholders in your health and your wellbeing act simultaneously and in concert.

Where personalised screening is trivial and ubiquitously available.

To bring about this future, we at Chronomics are taking the unseen and making it actionable.

Dr Tom Stubbs

CEO and founder - Chronomics

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