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Welcome to Chronomics, your DNA health partner for life. 

What's in store from your window into your DNA health - today, tomorrow, for life.

1. You, today.

Your DNA changes, as your lifetime of experiences has shaped it. Through your online account you will be able to analyse the state of your body through the epigenetic snapshot you took with your test.

You will be one of the first people in history to look to their DNA for answers about the impact of your life, not just the genes you were born with. What is your biological age? And what can you do to live to your full potential today?

Discover the impact of your lifestyle choices on how old you look on the inside. And learn which of the pillars of lifestyle and environmental wellbeing you need to focus on, from sleep to exercise to mental wellbeing.

2. You, tomorrow.

You'll be able to track epigenetic changes over time. Not just change due to ageing or the impact of your life circumstances, but change that you have chosen. Be fitter, keep healthier, feel younger, you can make those changes in your life, and measure them.

Each consecutive test is an MOT for your DNA, your body, your health, and your wellbeing. Each snapshot enables you to track over months and years real trends in your long term health, and signposts you to what you need to change to maintain epigenetic health.

As your informed choices shape your epigenetic future, we’ll be here to guide you down the path of wellbeing.

3. You, for life.

We're at the beginning of an epigenetics revolution, which means there is much more to come. The epigenetic indicators that form the basis of your health status today are only the start.

Your epigenome is a ledger of your life like no other. Over the coming months and years our scientists will be uncovering more and more epigenetic insights. Deeper health insights, environmental interactions, new science to empower you to live better.

You will be notified whenever new insights become available, and you can go back and check your epigenetic health history.

We look forward to looking back with you to when you started this journey, and celebrating good years of health beyond the horizon.

For users: If you haven't completed your My Story onboarding questions - here’s a friendly reminder, they are a key part of your personalised results.

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The Chronomics Epigenetic Test is the first test in the world that allows you to sample the epigenetic information in your DNA in order to improve your health and wellness