Did you know up to 25% of breast cancer can be prevented?

Understand your health risks and make smarter lifestyle choices to avoid illness

Start Reducing Your Risk
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed each year, representing about 25 per cent of all cancers in women. The most common causes of this disease are an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and excess alcohol.

The biggest contributors to breast cancer can all be reduced with a healthier lifestyle


38% of us do not get enough exercise. We can help you plan your workout and reach your fitness goals.


75% of us eat under 5x fruit and veg per day. We can help you improve your diet and lose weight.


25% of adults drink more alcohol than is recommended. We can help you reduce the impact alcohol has on your health.

The Chronomics platform uses the world's most advanced DNA test to show you how these lifestyle choices can impact your long term health and helps you to make more positive health choices to prevent breast cancer and other illnesses.

What can Chronomics do for you?

Know Your Metabolic State

People with a higher metabolic state are more at risk of breast cancer and other illnesses. Track and improve your metabolic state and other epigenetic health indicators with Chronomics.

Understand Your Personal Health Risks

Do you know what areas of your lifestyle could be putting you at risk of breast cancer? We analyse six key areas to help you make the best health choices for you.

Get Expert Support When You Need It

Want help losing weight? You can build a dedicated team of experts tailored to your needs, then work with them to create a personalised plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.