Chronomics: Where we take the unseen and make it actionable

We’re not a biology company, or even a bioengineering company. We’re a business that’s using technology to democratise the use of biological science and data to help improve people’s lives. We want to see a revolution where people can be proactive in controlling their own future and their contributions to the future of humanity through their own data and discoveries.

It's an incredible opportunity to join a start-up with an excellent culture, and a community dedicated to making fundamental changes to how we live.

Life at Chronomics


We're about openness, integrity, accessibility and great communication so these should be qualities you have too. The usability of our products, open exchange of ideas with our collaborators and the commitment to our customer's data ownership are values we won't budge on, so our people reflect this as well.

Remote first

The global pandemic has changed things for everyone, but we’ve always been a pretty flexible bunch. We recognise, respect and trust the work each of us does, and how that fits in with our lives outside of work, which is just as important as our business. You won't find micro-management or pettiness on our watch.

Can’t stop, won’t stop

We asked some of our Chro’nomes ‘What song best describes Chronomics?’, and the playlist they came out with is great! Have a listen for an audio experience of what it’s like to work at Chronomics:

Our values

Respect for the individual
Democratising learning
Fail smart and fail fast
Agile AF
Diversity wins
Appreciate the power of ignorance
Without communication we die
Embrace ideas with positivity
Honesty is not a just a buzzword
Innovation is a fulltime job
Conflict is our ally
Data driven
Ask for forgiveness and not permission

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Biology + Technology = Our Story

Founded in 2017 as an epigenetics company, we’ve got lots of experience analysing biological samples to give people actionable information that helps them make all kinds of choices - from their health and wellbeing to how they live and work. Now, we’re using that expertise in the fight against COVID-19 through our diagnostic and antibody testing kits.

These products are just the first step towards our ultimate goal of a technology platform to link the biological and digital worlds. It's an incredibly exciting time to come on board at a company where you can really make a difference.

We’ve successfully secured funding from venture capital firm Anthemis, and follow-on funding from SOSV, one of the world’s most active early-stage biotech investors, but it’s our people who make us what we are. Each member of the Chronomics family has a unique skillset that enables us to dream big and make the unthinkable possible.

We are rapidly scaling and looking for talented and passionate people to join:

Can’t see an opening for you?

We are always on the lookout for great talent so, even if you don't see a job that matches your specific skills, drop us a line and tell us about yourself and how great you are!

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