Chronomics: Where we take the unseen and make it actionable

Chronomics is a tech-bio company at the very heart of the dawning bio-revolution. It’s our mission to make accessing biological information less complex, costly and cumbersome and provide actionable information for everyone.

Founded in 2017 as an epigenetics company, we’ve got lots of experience in this field – analysing biological samples to help people make all kinds of work, health and life choices. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 we’ve also been using that expertise to help the world learn to live with a novel virus through our diagnostic and antibody testing kits.

Our goal is to continue expanding our pioneering ‘bio-infrastructure’ platform, which links biological science and technology through the use of biomarkers in areas as diverse as travel, sleep, skincare, and tele-health.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to join a company where you can really make a difference.

We’ve seen incredible and exciting revenue growth in the last 12 months, from a single early-stage investment, but we know it’s our people who make us what we are. Each member of the Chronomics family has a unique skillset that enables us to dream big and make the unthinkable possible.

We are rapidly scaling and looking for talented and passionate people to join us today.

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Our values: how we think, work and act at Chronomics



We’re about openness, integrity, accessibility and great communication so these should be qualities you have too. The usability of our products, open exchange of ideas with our collaborators and the commitment to our customer’s data ownership are values we won’t budge on, so our people reflect this as well.

Remote First

Remote first

The global pandemic has changed things for everyone, but we’ve always been a pretty flexible bunch. We recognise, respect and trust the work each of us does, and how that fits in with our lives outside of work, which is just as important as our business. You won’t find micro-management or pettiness on our watch.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Can’t stop, won’t stop

We asked some of our Chro’nomes ‘What song best describes Chronomics?’, and the playlist they came out with is great! Have a listen for an audio experience of what it’s like to work at Chronomics:


Imagine, Invent And Be Open To Being Wrong: Tom, CEO

We embrace and experiment with new ideas, even the wildest sounding ones. We are happy to be challenged and proven wrong, so that the right ones get brought to life. It helps us to be creative and focus on what matters.

Everyone is capable of delivering huge impact. Often the ideas that are non-obvious are the ones that have the biggest impact. Tom

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Innovation is a full time job: Dani, Chief Science Officer

We are full-time innovators. Wanting to improve is our default setting because what’s here one day, won’t be here the next. We continually evolve, for ourselves, our teammates and our customers.

Innovation does not apply only to one function, it is something that all functions and individuals breathe across the company: from the latest piece of tech infrastructure, to a new way of thinking about regulations or scaling our operations in customer service. Changing something when you see it can be improved, thinking creatively and solving problems that could be of value to our customers. We like to think big and be pioneers in how we bring actionable biological insights to the world. Dani

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Challenge And Unite: Annie, Senior Product Manager

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re not afraid to take a stance. We invite different perspectives and welcome respectful, healthy discussion. Once all is said and done, we unite and commit to a decision.

In many scenarios, what i try to do is gather everyone as a team and try to keep an open mind and listen to different ideas, encourage everyone to speak up and express their different ideas and then try to get everyone to agree on a solution, that we as a team feel will help us the most to achieve our goals. Annie

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Thirst For Learning: Idris, Software Engineer

We’re not shy if we don’t know something. We question things. We’re curious. We ask for help. We stay humble to stay ahead.

Every task that I’ve worked on has given me the opportunity to grow. Our culture of learning and growth doesn’t favour seniority, age or years of service. Everyone is free to share their ideas. Idris

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Respect For The Individual: Cath, Regulatory Affairs Manager

We respect and value everyone we interact with. We champion each other because it’s the collective action of individuals that enables us to change the world.

It’s very important to me to be part of the solution and sometimes i’ve found that means just being there for your colleagues. Chronomics is definitely a company that cares for its employees as individual people, and i love being part of that culture. Cath

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Our Benefits:

🏠 Home office set-up 💪 Vitality health 🌎 Access to global co-working space 👯‍♀️ Socials 🏆 Learning and Development 💻 Full tech kit 📝 Pension enrolment ⛷ 25 days annual leave (+ 8 public holidays) 💉 Epigenetics test

Our people work really hard to make us successful, which is why we like to pay you back in ways that make you feel genuinely valued. We surveyed everyone at Chronomics before putting together our benefits package to find out what really matters to them, beyond the usual work laptop and tech kit, 25 days annual leave and pension scheme membership.

As well as all of this, when you join us you’ll be offered a free epigenetics test – our flagship product – so you can learn more about what we do and a little about your personal wellbeing too. We also keep you happy and healthy with full membership of Vitality Health, including dental cover, from your first day on the job.

In this era of remote working, we like to make sure you’re fully cared for away from the workplace through Hofy home office set-up, including a generous monthly budget for rental equipment, as well as global and unlimited access to Flydesk co-working spaces. And just because we’re a predominantly remote-working business doesn’t mean we don’t love getting together too, through our social events every summer and Christmas and to celebrate all our milestone achievements – any excuse really!

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