Simple, non-invasive COVID-19 saliva test

  • UK government approved, easy to use at home
  • No swab, no discomfort, just spit
  • Gold standard test, 99% accurate*
  • Quick results online, 24-36hrs after arrival at our lab

Buy Now £99, priority postage included
*Chronomics SaliVIR Rapid Multiplex COVID19 vRNA tests have a clinical sensitivity and specificity level of over 95%, up to 99% in some cases

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Trusted testing from Chronomics

How it works

Day 1

Order your test online and we’ll send it to your home, work or clinic within 48 hours

Day 2-3

Just spit in the tube (no nasty swab up your nose), register and return the test to our lab

Day 4-5

We’ll send your results securely within 24 hours of your sample arriving with us. Easy!

Why use Chronomics?

Our COVID-19 testing kit is one of the world’s first saliva tests for the coronavirus. It’s fast, easily performed at home and uses the same highly accurate PCR methods as the swab tests, which are invasive and can be uncomfortable.

It uses cutting-edge, entirely safe technology that has been scientifically validated in the UK, the EU, the US and by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

As an epigenetics company, we’ve got lots of experience analysing people’s biological samples to give them actionable information about their health. Now, we’re using that expertise to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Testing for COVID-19 without the hassle


Do it yourself, no medical professional involved


A simple digital dashboard to register and get your results


RT-PCR tests that are 99% accurate*


Your data is fully encrypted and we are certified GDPR compliant


No invasive swabs, less intimidating for kids


UKCA and CE marked for health, safety and environmental protection standards


Is your test UKCA and CE marked?
Is your test authorised by the UK Government?
Where can I find the instructions for using the test?
What does the test show?
How do I receive the testing kit?
How do I return my sample?
When will my Covid-19 results be ready, and how long does it take?
Does this test detect new strains of coronavirus?
What’s the difference between this test and the 15-minute lateral flow test I can get locally for free?

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