No-stress test bundle for COVID-19 on Day 2/Day 8 in UK

  • Easy-to-use Day 2/Day 8 PCR test bundle (for unvaccinated travellers)
  • Two UK Government approved self-isolation tests
  • Gold standard accuracy, up to 99%*
  • Quick digital results

With this option:

  • Order before your outbound travel
  • Your test kits will arrive by the time you get home
  • You'll get your results 24-36hrs after your sample arrives at our lab

Buy Now £99, priority postage included
*Chronomics Oronasal swab PCR tests have a clinical sensitivity and specificity level of over 99%

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Industry-trusted testing from Chronomics

How it works

Order your Chronomics Day 2/Day 8 COVID-19 testing bundle before you fly to the UK from abroad. To be sure you’re getting the right package, please check the FCDO website for your specific trip.

Step 1: Buy and travel

Buy your test bundle online in advance. We just need your flight details and your UK address, then we’ll send you a booking reference to use on your Passenger Locator Form. Pack your Test to Return kit in your luggage (if applicable), then head off and enjoy your trip!

Step 2: Arrive in UK

Fly to the UK and we’ll send your test(s) to the address you’ve given us straight away. The day you land in the UK is Day 0.

Step 3: Test and return (Day 2)

Take your first test as soon as it arrives, following the simple instructions. Register your test online and send it back to us. For the quickest and most reliable return you can use our rapid return dropbox network or put it in the prepaid parcel provided - no medical staff, no hassle.

Step 4: Check your results

You’ll get an email to view your result online, within 24-36 hours of your sample arriving at our lab.

Step 5: Test and return (Day 8)

Your second test will arrive on Day 8 (or as soon as possible after that). Again follow the intuitive instructions, register online and send it back. Easy! **Remember: You still need to do your Day 8 test, even if you’ve registered for Test To Release to end your quarantine early.**

Step 6: Negative? Great news!

Assuming all your results are negative, you can then get back to life knowing you're safe to do so. Easy!

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Why use Chronomics for Day 2/Day 8?

Our COVID-19 testing kits are part of our UK-government authorised system, so we’ll make sure you automatically adhere to all the regulations you need to when you travel to the UK from abroad.

It’s simple to register all your tests online, so you get your results in one place via our best-in-class dashboard. Pre-paid priority delivery is also included so they’ll be with you as soon as possible.

Our tests use Government-approved, cutting-edge, entirely safe technology that has been scientifically validated in the UK, the EU, the US and by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

As an epigenetics company, we’ve got lots of experience analysing people’s biological samples to give them actionable information about their health. Now, we’re using that expertise to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Testing for COVID-19 without the hassle


Do it yourself, no medical professional involved


RT-PCR tests that are 99% accurate*


CE marked for health, safety and environmental protection standards


Your data is fully encrypted and we are certified GDPR compliant


An easy-to-use digital dashboard to register and get your results


All the certification you need to prove your COVID-19 status

Do you want to end your 10-day isolation early?

If you’re travelling to England and want to reduce your quarantine period from 10 days to just 7, you should also order a Test To Release kit from Chronomics

Please note:

You can’t use the Test To Release scheme if you’re travelling from a ‘red list’ country (please refer to the government’s latest list here).

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