No-stress testing for COVID-19: Rapid antigen kit for instant results

  • Get results within minutes
  • UK government approved
  • Test at home
  • Quick and easy registration and downloadable certificates
  • Not suitable as Day 2 test, please click here for Day 2 antigen

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Trusted testing from Chronomics

How it works

Order your simple Chronomics Rapid Antigen COVID-19 lateral flow kit online and we’ll get it in the post to you within 48 hours. Once you have the test, you only need an internet connection so we can guide you through the process, step by step - all the way to your result and any certification you need within 20 minutes.

Step 1: Buy

Buy your test online. If you’re planning to take one abroad with you to use as a Test To Return kit, we advise placing the order at least a week before you’re due to leave.

Step 2: Register and book

When you’re ready, follow the simple and intuitive instructions in the kit to register the test online.

Step 3: Take the test

Take the test using the swabs and the lateral flow device provided. It should only take a few minutes to do this.

Step 4: Get your result

Our Rapid Antigen tests usually give you a result in just a few minutes. Once you’ve got one, confirm it with us and we’ll automatically generate a certificate in your Chronomics online dashboard.

Step 5: Connected tech

You can seamlessly link your Chronomics travel documents to third-party verification apps, health passports and more (such as IBM Digital Health Pass and Verifly) using our best-in-class technology and connected partnerships.

Step 6: Get on with life!

Whatever you need your COVID-19 status for - whether you’re travelling, visiting loved ones or just going somewhere special - you can now do it in confidence.

Your certification

The documents we provide have all the details you need to travel.

Travelling? Get a test bundle

Are you considering a Rapid Antigen test to travel to or from the UK? You might need more tests so, whether it’s a mandatory Day 2 and/or Day 8 test or more, we can help you schedule everything you need to be delivered wherever and whenever you need them. Read more here

Testing for COVID-19 without the hassle


A simple digital dashboard to register and get your results


Do it yourself, no medical professional involved


All the certification you need to prove your COVID-19 status


An easy-to-use digital dashboard to register and get your results


Your data is fully encrypted and we are certified GDPR compliant


UKCA and CE marked for health, safety and environmental protection standards


Is your test UKCA and CE marked?
Is your test authorised by the UK Government?
Where can I find the instructions for using the test?
What does the test show?
How do I receive the testing kit?
How do I return my sample?
When will my Covid-19 results be ready, and how long does it take?
Does this test detect new strains of coronavirus?
What’s the difference between this test and the 15-minute lateral flow test I can get locally for free?

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