Around 1/3 of Alzheimer’s disease may be avoidable

Understand your health risks at a DNA level. Make smarter lifestyle choices to avoid illness.

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Chronomics uses the world's most advanced DNA test to show you how lifestyle choices impact your health.

What can Chronomics do for you?

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Understand Your Biological Age

Biological age is the biggest risk factor for Alzheimer's and dementia. Track and improve this along with other key health indicators to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

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Understand Your Personal Health Risks

We show you how to make the best choices to avoid breast cancer by analysing your key pillars of health at a DNA level.

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Get Expert Support When You Need It

Our dedicated team of health experts will work with you to create a personalised plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.

The major risk factors for Alzheimer's and dementia are all avoidable

That's where we come in...

Diet and Exercise

Improved heart health can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Learn how your diet and exercise is affecting your DNA and optimise your nutrition.


1 in 7 people smoke. See the impact smoke exposure has had on your health at DNA level and get help to make a change.


25% of adults drink too much. Understand how much has drinking impacted your body and take steps to minimise risks.