Yawn! Not another DNA test.

Epigenetics is different. It changes with time for a start.

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Chronomics is the world's first actionable
test. Epigenetics is the science of how your DNA ages and how your health is impacted by things you can actually do something about.

What can Chronomics do for you?

Upload Your Existing Genetics Data

Incorporate your DNA data from 23andme, DNAFit, or another provider to get access to your genetic baseline.

Up-To-Date Health Insights

Receive personalised health insights that are actionable. Make smarter lifestyle choices and actually re-test.

Support When You Need It

Your dedicated team of epigenetic experts and more will work to ensure you make the most of your insights.

Why Choose Chronomics?

Epigenetics = Genetics + Life Choices

Epigenetics is dynamic and captures the impact of life choices that are the leading cause of age-related and chronic conditions.

Learn your biological age

Epigenetic or biological age is the measure of how healthy we really are. Find out your true age, what's causing it and how to reverse it.

Next Generation Sequencing technology

We don't use arrays, we use the latest in sequencing technology to provide our epigenetic insights from more than 20 million epigenetic positions in your DNA.