Welcome to your Emirates COVID-19 testing hub!

Before you book your tests
You’ll need to know:

  • What is your Emirates discount code
  • Which travel list your destination country is on;
  • If you need an outbound negative test to enter your destination country. If yes:
  1. what type do you need (a PCR or Rapid Antigen)
  2. how many hours in advance (eg. 48hrs or 72hrs)
  3. And is this based on your arrival or departure time?

If you're unsure, please visit [the UK's FCDO website](https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice) to find out

(for legal reasons, you'll have to check this yourself).

Chronomics is a UK government-approved testing provider. However, you are responsible for checking which tests are required by your destination country and selecting the correct package for your return to the UK.

What tests are available to purchase?

Fit To Fly (rapid antigen test)

Discounted price: £23.50 £18.80

A simple, guided lateral flow testing kit to perform before your trip, making it easy to get the certification you need to travel to countries that accept rapid antigen Fit To Fly tests.

Test To Return (rapid antigen test)

Discounted price: £23.50 £18.80

A simple, guided lateral flow testing kit to take with you on your trip, making it easy to get the certification you need to return to the UK.

Day 2 (and vaccinated)

Discounted price: £64.99 £51.99

An easy-to-use, Government-authorised PCR test you can take yourself, without leaving your address, on Day 2 – part of the mandated testing programme for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers, whenever you return to the UK from abroad.

Unvaccinated (previously Amber) package

Discounted price: £153.49 £122.79

Everything you need for re-entry into England - not Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland - if you're returning from a non-Red list country, including: Test To Return (rapid antigen), Day 2 and Day 8 PCR swab tests.

How it works

Step 1

As soon as you book your flight, order your test package from Chronomics using the special discounted rate. Your Fit To Fly and Test To Return kits (if applicable) will be sent the same day* (or 4 days before your departure date if ordered individually). *if ordered before midday, working days only

Step 2

Perform your pre-departure Fit To Fly test (if applicable), then pack your Test To Return rapid antigen test (if applicable) in your luggage and jump on the plane for your exciting holiday!

Step 3

Up to 72 hours before you are scheduled to fly back to the UK, perform your Test To Return Rapid Antigen Test according to the instructions included. You will receive quick online results within minutes together with a downloadable certificate.

Step 4

Fly back to the UK, go home and unpack and you'll find your inbound testing kits waiting for you.

Step 5

Register online your Day 2 PCR testing kit and return your sample to us using the pre-paid postage provided.

Step 6

Perform your Day 8 PCR test (if required) at the appropriate time. Assuming all your results are negative, you can then get back to life knowing you're safe to do so. Easy!

Who are Chronomics?

Founded in 2017 as an epigenetics company, we’ve got lots of experience analysing people’s biological samples to give them actionable information about their health. Now, we’re using that expertise to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Our range of COVID-19 testing kits include rapid lateral flow tests, antibody tests and one of the world’s first saliva tests for coronavirus. It’s also simple to register online with pre-paid priority delivery included, so your results will be with you in plenty of time for travelling.

Our tests use cutting-edge, entirely safe technology that has been scientifically validated in the UK, the EU, the US and by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Frequently asked questions

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