COVID-19 Oronasal swab PCR test for international travel

  • UK government approved
  • Easy to use, globally accepted*
  • Gold standard test, up to 99% accurate**
  • Quick digital results
  • For USA (entry to United States) Fit to Fly test please click here.

    Buy Now £49.99, priority postage included
    *Please refer to the specific requirements for your destination country
    **Chronomics Oronasal swab PCR tests have a clinical sensitivity and specificity level of over 99%

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    Testing for COVID-19 without the hassle


    Get results within just a few minutes


    Do it yourself, with detailed instructions included


    All the certification you need to prove your COVID-19 status


    An easy-to-use digital dashboard to register and get your results


    Your data is fully encrypted and we are certified GDPR compliant


    CE marked for health, safety and environmental protection standards

    Buy Now £49.99, priority postage included

    Certificate example

    The documents we provide have all the details you need to travel.


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