COVID-19 Oronasal swab PCR test for international travel

  • UK government approved
  • Easy to use, globally accepted*
  • Gold standard test, up to 99% accurate**
  • Quick digital results
  • For USA (entry to United States) Fit to Fly test please click here.

    Buy Now £54.99, priority postage included
    *Please refer to the specific requirements for your destination country
    **Chronomics Oronasal swab PCR tests have a clinical sensitivity and specificity level of over 99%

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    How it Works

    Step 1: Buy

    Buy your test online in advance - ideally at least 5 days before you’re due to fly out of the UK. We’ll send the kit to you within 48 hours.

    Step 2: Take the test

    Before you perform your tests
You’ll need to know how many hours in advance this needs to be done (eg. 48hrs or 72hrs) and is this based on your arrival or departure time? If you don’t know, go to the UK’s FCDO website to find out.

    Step 3: Return

    Put your sample in the pre-paid return parcel provided and send back via Royal Mail.

    Step 4: Get packing

    While you’re getting all your luggage together, we’ll notify you when your sample arrives with us and again 24-36 hours later when your result is ready.

    Step 5: Get going!

    Log into your online Chronomics dashboard to view your result and download all the certificates you need to board the plane. Have a safe trip!

    Step 6: Get even more...

    You can seamlessly link your Chronomics travel documents to third-party verification apps, health passports and more (such as IBM Digital Health Pass and Verifly) using our best-in-class technology and connected partnerships.

    Buy Now £54.99, priority postage included

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    Testing for COVID-19 without the hassle


    Do it yourself, no medical professional involved


    All the certification you need to leave the UK


    A simple digital dashboard to register and get your results


    RT-PCR tests that are 99% accurate*


    Your data is fully encrypted and we are certified GDPR compliant


    CE marked for health, safety and environmental protection standards

    Buy Now £54.99, priority postage included

    Certificate example

    The documents we provide have all the details you need to travel.


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