A flexible end-to-end platform for workplace and corporate travel COVID-19 testing needs

  • Testing for corporate travel, return-to-office, workplace, events, and many more use cases
  • Rapid ordering of approved test-types: Rapid antigen, PCR, vaccine-efficacy
  • Easy-to-use, real-time company dashboards to track and audit all your testing
  • Automated fulfilment, shipping, registration and results to reduce overheads and cost

Join our other large-scale clients across the UK and US who choose us for their COVID-19 testing needs.

How we can work with you

For corporations

If you need testing to come back to the office or other workplace, or if your organisation relies on business trips or arranges events, we want to help your employees get back to normal safely and efficiently.

For sports teams

Our tests keep your athletes on the field of play, instead of isolating or being in a treatment room.

For schools

Our mass testing solutions keep you, your staff and your students healthy and safe so they can focus on learning.

Industry-trusted testing from Chronomics

End-to-end testing service through digital dashboards

We take care of everything for you - from regulations and delivery to user experience and results – all through our intuitive online platform.

  • Multi-level registration for 1000s of users in minutes
  • Online ordering, kit tracking and returns at scale
  • Full customer and organizational support
  • Accessible and secure health information

    Cutting edge accredited technology

    Government-approved rapid antigen, PCR tests and vaccine-efficacy tests, ISO accredited labs, highly accurate testing capabilities.

    • Safe, secure, scientifically proven tests
    • Technology developed by Oxford and Cambridge scientists
    • Regulatory approval across markets
    • Global partner networks

      Cost-effective solutions that work for you

      A platform that makes ordering easy and gives you value for money.

      • Low cost per unit Covid-19 testing kits
      • Tech platform to maintain flexibility and scalability

      Easy to manage, simple to use

        More than 100 biomarkers and counting

        Designed to help humankind understand biological data, biomarkers are the simplest way to measure past or ongoing biological processes in any living organism. At Chronomics, our science team holds a portfolio of more than 100 ready-to-integrate biomarker testing solutions, and can consult with you to tailor new biomarkers specific to your product and business objectives.

        World-class operations and customer service

        Our best-in-class, single unit ID system tracks every test we send out so you know you’re getting one of the most reliable services on the market. We deliver the full user journey - sending and receiving testing kits; multinational postage and laboratory logistics; and accessing results on both individual and organizational levels.

        Easy-to-use online dashboards

        Our fully compliant digital platforms make it easy for you and your customers to track payments, tests and results on whatever scale you need. Our technology platforms are simple to use, intuitively built and can give you access to all the actionable information you need on both an organisational and individual level.

        A full, flexible service that works

        We are a plug-and-play solution for you to roll out any type of testing you need, including lab services, results, regulation, logistics and customer services, with as little or as much input as you like.

        Our services

        Mass testing for COVID-19

        COVID-19 Saliva PCR test

        COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test

        COVID-19 Anti-Spike Antibody test

        Testing for travel

        Fit To Fly

        Test To Release

        Test To Return

        Day 2 day 8 test

        Testing for wellbeing

        Epigenetic test

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