Chronomics for business

Do you need COVID-19 testing support for your organisation? Are you looking for a wellness testing partner for your people? Or do you want to get your event covered or your business moving again?

Whatever actionable insights you need, we’ve got you covered.

How we can work with you

For corporations

We have a wide range of testing platforms to help keep your business moving and your people reassured.

For sports teams

Our tests keep your athletes on the field of play, instead of isolating or being in a treatment room.

For schools

Our mass testing solutions keep you, your staff and your students healthy and safe so they can focus on learning.

Industry-trusted testing from Chronomics

Use our end-to-end service

We take care of everything - from regulations and delivery to user experience and results.

  • Online ordering at scale
  • Kit tracking and returns
  • Full customer support
  • Detailed health information

Cutting edge accredited technology

Government-approved saliva tests, ISO accredited labs, highly accurate testing capabilities.

  • Safe, secure, scientifically proven tests
  • Fully validated technology
  • Regulatory approval across markets
  • Global partner networks

Easy-to-use online dashboards

Fully GDPR compliant digital platforms that make life easy for you and your people.

  • Dashboard overview for your entire team (coming soon)
  • Allows you to register your whole organisation at once
  • Tiered access permissions for multiple users
  • Easy access to all the resources and help you’ll need

A range of testing services

We provide a wide variety of tests - COVID-19 PCR diagnostics, rapid antigen and antibodies tests; travel tests and bundles; and epigenetic tests that use more than 100 biological markers to help your customers make health and lifestyle decisions. We’re also regulatory compliant and provide coverage across more than 50% of the global health market.

Seamless customer experience

Our best-in-class single unit ID system tracks every test we send out so you know you’re getting one of the most reliable services on the market. And we deliver the full user journey, from sending and receiving testing kits; multinational postage and laboratory logistics; access to results; and exemplary customer service.

Easy-to-use online dashboards

Our fully GDPR compliant digital platforms make it easy for you and your customers to track payments, tests and results on whatever scale you need. Our technology platforms are simple to use, intuitively built and can give you access to all the actionable information you need on both an organisational and individual level.

A full, flexible service that works

We are a plug-and-play solution for you to roll out any type of testing you need, including lab services, results, regulation, logistics and customer services, with as little or as much input as you like.

Our services

Mass testing for COVID-19

COVID-19 Saliva PCR test

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test

COVID-19 Anti-Spike Antibody test

Testing for travel

Fit To Fly

Test To Release

Test To Return

Day 2 day 8 test

Testing for wellbeing

Epigenetic test

Volumn quote