Take control of your DNA

Epigenetic testing powered by Chronomics reveals how your living and working conditions impact your health at the DNA level. Through Google, you can access the most advanced preventive health insights available anywhere, putting you back in the driving seat for your wellbeing and healthy performance.

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analysis guides intelligent lifestyle changes that can help you: reduce your biological age, improve your diet and nutrition, reduce your risk of ill-health, and add healthy active years to your life.
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So how is epigenetics linked to lifestyle and workplace stress?

Epigenetics is the 'nurture' to the nature we are born with, and with 80% of major chronic diseases caused by preventable lifestyle or environmental stresses, it's time we took control of nurture. Epigenetics controls how our genes are expressed over time, and can tell us what factors are putting us at risk of serious illness before we get sick.


Nearly 3/4 of adults in the UK claim to have been so stressed they can't cope, with chronic stress being linked to diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer risks and accelerated aging.

How can epigenetic testing keep me fighting fit at work?

The Chronomics platform gives you control of your DNA