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We provide a wide variety of tests: COVID-19 PCR diagnostics, rapid antigen and antibodies tests; travel tests and bundles; and epigenetic tests. Have a question about any of these? Check our helpful FAQ page

FAQ and updates

Helping you with COVID-19 testing with Tui

No-stress testing for travel

Negative Covid-19 tests are now a necessary part of any travel itinerary. Get your full programme of government approved, non-intrusive tests from Chronomics - keeping you safe every step of your journey, stress-free.

Fit To Fly

A simple at-home test allowing you to travel internationally.

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Test To Release (UK)

A Government-approved test that allows you to end your UK self-isolation early. 

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Standard Isolation Release Bundles (Day 2 / Day 8)

Both Government-required tests in one easy-to-order pack when returning to the UK.

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Test To Return

A rapid test you can take abroad to get the certification you need to return to the UK.

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All travel tests

Get your full programme of government approved tests from Chronomics.

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Industry-trusted testing from Chronomics

Reassurance and safety with easy-to-use COVID-19 tests

Keep your loved ones safe and help get society moving again with our simple and accurate COVID-19 tests, supported by best-in-class connected technology.

COVID-19 Saliva PCR test

Our flagship COVID-19 PCR test is saliva-based, non-intrusive and the gold standard of COVID-19 diagnostic testing. No swabs, no fuss.

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COVID-19 Anti-Spike Antibody test

Find out your COVID-19 immunity after you’ve been vaccinated or suffered a recent infection.

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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test

This simple, supervised at-home test gives you rapid results within minutes.

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Health and wellness

Wondering how your health is being shaped by lifestyle and environmental factors over time and how different actions can impact you at the molecular level?


Genetic insights are fixed from birth so there isn’t much you can do about them. Epigenetics reveals how your health is being shaped by lifestyle and environment factors over time so you can take action.

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Partner with us

We work with labs, travel and retail partners and fulfilment affiliates to bring more tests to more people and organisations, quickly and easily. Join us today.

Chronomics for business

Corporations, schools, sports teams, or general mass testing support for you. Know more >

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Tap into our best-in-class technology and testing infrastructure through our Chronomics API. Know more >

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More than 100 biomarkers and counting

Designed to help humankind understand biological data, biomarkers are the simplest way to measure past or ongoing biological processes in any living organism. At Chronomics, our science team holds a portfolio of more than 100 ready-to-integrate biomarker testing solutions, and can consult with you to tailor new biomarkers specific to your product and business objectives.

World-class operations and customer service

Our best-in-class, single unit ID system tracks every test we send out so you know you’re getting one of the most reliable services on the market. We deliver the full user journey - sending and receiving testing kits; multinational postage and laboratory logistics; and accessing results on both individual and organizational levels.

Global, scalable, approved

It’s our mission to deliver actionable biological information to you, wherever you are. Our testing capabilities are compliant in more than 50% of the global health market and are driven by a worldwide network of ISO accredited labs and fulfilment partners. Whether you’re an affiliate organisation or you’re getting individual tests directly from us, our aim is to make it easy for you.