How does it work?

Just follow five simple steps to improve your long term health

Provide your sample

When you sign up we'll send an easy-to-use saliva testing kit straight to your home. Simply spit in the tube and drop it back in the post with our prepaid envelope

We sequence your DNA

Next, our team of scientists will analyse your DNA, using our pioneering Next-Generation Sequencing technology to extract the most data of any DNA test currently available.

Receive your insights

Within a few weeks your insights will be available to view on our online platform. Your information will be displayed in a friendly, concise way that offers a clear picture of your health at the DNA level.

Create your health plan

You can use your insights to inform your lifestyle and health decisions, or speak to our health experts to create a tailored improvement plan based on your results - it’s up to you.

Measure your progress

Check in with your experts regularly to keep you on track and repeat your epigenetic test annually to see your health improve over time.