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During the current pandemic, we have diverted resources and expertise into developing simple, low cost and scalable testing products for COVID-19. The Chronomics test is one of the world’s first screening tests for the identification of COVID-19 infection from saliva. This test uses the protocol defined by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and has been extensively validated globally for the detection of COVID-19. This test detects viral RNA in the sample to detect presence of the COVID-19 virus. We provide this dedicated end-to-end product to support the global fight against this pandemic.

Chronomics reagents

Product Spec

Chronomics end-to-end product solution includes reagent and software modules to deliver on-site and at-home testing out the box.

  • Bespoke software to make logistics easy.
  • Efficient bead-based RNA extraction.
  • Compatible with open-source robotics.
  • RT and qPCR reactions performed in one step.
  • CDC approved FDA EUA approach.
  • Specificity 100%
  • Sensitivity >95% at 0.5 copies of viral RNA/µl
  • Result reporting and analytics modules included.

Chronomics now offers fully supported sample handling and processing workflows for saliva and other biofluids. Reagent products details:

SaliVIR – Collect kit
: This sampling kit contains a collection tube with all necessary regulatory conditions for the distribution and handling of Category B pathogens such as suspected positive COVID-19 samples.

SaliVIR – Bead Xtract Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit
: This extraction kit is designed for the rapid and reliable isolation of viral DNA or RNA from saliva or other biofluids. The magnetic bead-based technology enables the purification of high-quality ribonucleic acid free from protein and other impurities required for downstream qRT-PCR. Fast, low cost and easily scaled up or down, the SaliVIR - Bead Xtract Viral DNA/RNA kit is ideally suited to COVID-19 testing.

SaliVIR - COVID-19 qRT-PCR kit
: This one step qRT-PCR kit uses proven primer and probe sequences targeting COVID-19: N1, N2 and RP assays defined by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) which have been extensively validated for the detection of COVID-19. The kit is provided with both positive and negative controls.

Chronomics has developed a suite of software modules to ensure that this end-to-end product can be set up and run rapidly and efficiently. SaliVIR COVID19 Sampling and Reporting modules are included as standard within the end-to-end product solution. SaliVIR COVID19 Analytics and Population modules are additional modules designed to support governments with population screening programs.

If you have any questions about these reagent products, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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