Chronomics Labs

We’re committed to delivering excellence in objective measures of health. Join our global network of accredited, high specification laboratories to help us process our suite of tests, from state-of-the-art COVID-19 detection to epigenomic health biomarker testing.

What we offer

Best-in-class digital platforms

Our technology solutions mean easy communication and a great customer experience for your clients.

Simple, low-cost setup

We handle everything, from logistics to customer service, so you can focus on what really matters.

Testing market insights

Get all the latest information about new testing technology and what additional products you could deliver.

Regulatory approvals assistance

We can provide everything you’ll need to start processing our testing capabilities, in line with all guidelines, straight away.

High-margin revenue streams

Achieve highly competitive reagent pricing power to increase your margins and improve your profit/loss and your business’s bottom line.

Access to new business

Grow your client base or improve your existing business through access to more services and testing technology.

Trusted by our lab partners

How to work with us

Step 1: Sign up

Register your interest with us and we’ll help you join our extensive network of global labs, serving customers across the world.

    Step 2: Integrate

    Connect to our growing health database, including our API, technical and logistics integration, to enhance your capabilities.

    Step 3: Process & earn

    Start receiving tests through the Chronomics network and processing and earning through us, at a rate that works for you.

    Trusted by our lab partners