Join the Chronomics lab network

Our global network of accredited, high-specification laboratories process our suite of tests, from epigenomic health biomarkers to state-of-the-art COVID-19 detection.

It takes 3 minutes to sign up and join our labs family, and you’ll get:

  • Access to millions of customers across the world
  • Secure digital management of tests via our easy tech platform
  • New tests from other network labs you can offer your clients
  • A plug-and-play solution, better margins and reduced admin

What we offer

Best-in-class digital platforms

Our technology solution includes easy-to-use dashboards for you and your customers, reducing admin and overheads for you and a more streamlined experience for everyone.

Simple, straightforward setup

Register with us for free in minutes and tap into our full-service network, including logistics, tracking and customer service, so you can focus on what really matters.

New tests, market insights

Our tech gives you and your clients easy access to insights, information and tests offered by other Chronomics labs across the world – including the UK, EU and USA.

Regulatory approvals assistance

We provide everything you’ll need to start processing our testing straight away, in line with all regulatory guidelines, via our secure, digital platform.

High-margin revenue streams

Sell directly to the consumer, increase your profit margins and reduce your admin costs through our intuitive digital platforms and access to a wider portfolio of tests and kits.

Instant access to new business

Use our technology to access millions of potential global clients via a simple API, on a marketplace or Shopify model, and options to white-label self-testing registration flows.

Trusted by our lab partners

How to work with us

Step 1: Sign up

Register your interest with us in just a few minutes and we’ll help you join our extensive network of global labs, serving customers across the world.

    Step 2: Integrate

    Connect to our growing health database, including our API, technical and logistics integration, to enhance your testing capabilities and tap into a millions-strong global customer base.

    Step 3: Process & earn

    Start receiving tests through the Chronomics network and processing and earning through us, at a rate that works for you.

    Trusted by our lab partners