Want healthier, happier clients?

All it takes is a simple saliva test...

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The first of its kind, Chronomics technology brings cutting edge
analysis to your clients with a simple saliva test kit.

Take the health and wellness journey together to help your clients


Measure Impact

See the real health impact of lifestyle and environment


Set Health Goals

Set health goals with updated biological age measurements


Personalised Planning

Deliver a more effective and personalised health and wellness plan


Optimise Well-Being

Optimise personal well-being benefits


Synchronise Health

Synchronise your clients’ mental, physical and emotional health


Minimise Illness

Minimise illness and disease for a healthier, happier future

Keeping you ahead of the game

The Chronomics lifestyle plan is a pioneering toolkit for healthcare and wellness coaches that will enable you to:

Be The First

Be amongst the first to offer your clients the latest DNA technology

Optimise Health

Monitor and optimise health improvements over time

Improve Client Retention

Retain clients and attract new ones

Build Relationships

Build stronger relationships with clients

Be More Competitive

Improve your competitive edge by providing a unique offering

Make More Revenue

Generate a new revenue stream with our partner program

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