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Take control of your DNA. Epigenetic testing provides actionable insights to ensure the future health of you and your family.

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Chronomics is the first preventative health solution in the world that uses
testing to show you how lifestyle and environment impact your health at a DNA level. Helping you to actually reverse your body's biological ageing process over time and avoid chronic illnesses.

What is epigenetics exactly?

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Epigenetics Controls Genes

While you are born with a unique set of genes, your lifestyle and environment can cause certain genes to be turned off or on, the study of these changes is called epigenetics.

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Epigenetics Is Everywhere

Leading scientists have shown that what you eat, where you live, when you sleep, how you exercise, even ageing – can all eventually cause genes to change from a healthy to an unhealthy state.

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Epigenetics Can Be Reversed

Epigenetic testing can help you understand your risk of chronic diseases. You can use this information to make better health choices, reversing the damage and avoiding illness in later life.

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So how can epigenetics helps you avoid chronic illnesses if you're genetically predisposed?

Overall, studies show that genetic factors are not the major cause of chronic illness. By using epigenetic testing you'll learn how your lifestyle impacts on your DNA and be able to make better health choices to avoid repeating illnesses that are in your family history.


60% of all deaths are due to chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes.

How can epigenetic testing help you reduce your risk of illness?

The Chronomics platform gives you control of your DNA