Family history doesn't have to affect you

You can change your genetic future - be proactive with your health.

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Chronomics is the world's first actionable
test that shows you how lifestyle choices impact your health.

What can Chronomics do for you?

Not Your Average DNA Test

Genetic factors are not the major causes of chronic diseases. Understand the lifestyle and environmental factors putting your health at risk.

Up-To-Date Health Insights

Receive personalised health insights that are actionable. Make smarter lifestyle choices and actually re-test.

Get Expert Support When You Need It

Our dedicated team of health experts will work with you to create a personalised plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Why choose Chronomics?

Cutting-Edge Sequencing

We don't use arrays, we use the latest in sequencing technology to provide our epigenetic insights from more than 20 million epigenetic positions in your DNA.

Know Your Biological Age

More accurate than just the number of candles on your birthday cake. People with a higher biological age are more at risk of a whole range of illnesses. Track and improve your biological age and other epigenetic health indicators with Chronomics.

Genetics + Epigenetics

The perfect pair. Sequence your whole genome with a simple saliva sample, or provide us with your genetic data from 23andme, DNAFit or another provider and combine with your epigenetic insights in one secure platform.