Epigenetics Kit + Health Plan


The most advanced DNA test in the world.

A year of personalised health data based on your epigenetics.

Support and consultation with our experts via online chat or phone.

Buy now and get access for:

/ month + kit fee of £179


This is how it works

Provide your sample

When you sign up we'll send an easy-to-use saliva testing kit straight to your home. Simply spit in the tube and drop it back in the post with our prepaid envelope.

We sequence your DNA

Next, our team of scientists will analyse your DNA, using our pioneering Next-Generation Sequencing technology to extract the most data of any DNA test currently available.

Receive your data

Within a few weeks your insights will be available to view on our online platform. Your data will be displayed in a friendly, concise way that offers a clear picture of your health at the DNA level.

Choose your own path

You can use your data to inform your lifestyle and health decisions, or speak to our health experts to create a tailored improvement plan based on your results - it’s up to you.

What can it do for you?

Get personalised insights based on your DNA

Don't waste time with trial and error. Understand the health choices that benefit you most and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Achieve your health and wellness goals

Become the best possible version of yourself. We offer a smarter, easier and more effective solution to health and wellness, unique to you.

Reduce your risk of illness

Know the disease risk factors that are personal to you. Make informed lifestyle choices to avoid future illness.