Epigenetics, the science behind your past, present and future

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Epigenetics in a nutshell
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Epigenetics is changing the way we approach health.

Epigenetics controls your DNA and is affected by environmental and lifestyle changes, in a nutshell, our genetics is fixed, epigenetics is dynamic.

How we get actionable insight from a simple saliva test
Actionable insights

Our test is simple, but the process is a little more complex.

Our team of scientists use the latest in Epigenome Sequencing combined with Machine Learning to provide the world’s first actionable epigenetic insights. Epigenetics is distinct from genetics. To assess epigenetics, we use a chemical that highlights epigenetic marks on your DNA before we sequence it.

Why our test is more accurate than regular DNA tests
Most accurate dna test

We use technologies that allows us to see things regular DNA tests can’t.

We use the gold standard in DNA testing technology for all of our customers (Next Generation Sequencing). Our technology allows us to assess continuous streams of letters (bases) in your DNA in a manner not possible with conventional array technology providing unparalleled accuracy in our data.

Why we offer the most comprehensive epigenetic test possible
Dna personalised results

We use technologies that allow us to assess more than 20,000,000 epigenetic positions in your DNA.

Comparison tests typically assess less than 2% of this. We do this because we are determined to deliver the most rigorous and robust epigenetic insights available anywhere. We know that this is only the beginning of what’s possible with epigenetics and are excited to be leading the field in providing more indicators year-on-year with our technology.

How we personalise your results

We provide you with the latest in actionable and proactive health insights.

Support on hand, dedicated network of health coaches, doctors and DNA experts are here for anything you may need. We are here for you. From any questions you may have, to help taking the next step to a healthier future; we are here to ensure you live the life that you want to live.

Meet some of our support team

Daniel herranz

Dr Daniel Herranz

PhD in epigenetics and a lover of anything science. Dani has the incredible ability to take deep scientific understanding and make it accessible to all.

Yadhu 2

Dr Yadhu Rajalingam

Medical Practicioner and passionate about longevity and the future of health. Yadhu is a world leader in prevention and has a real passion for helping people live their best life.