Are you aware of the true impact of smoking on your health?

Learn how smoking is impacting your health at a DNA level. Improve your health and wellness with our award-winning epigenetic testing solution.

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The first solution in the world that uses
testing to show you how lifestyle and environment impact your health at a DNA level. Helping you to reverse the damage done by smoking, and slow down your body's biological ageing over time.
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So how is epigenetics linked to smoking?

Research has found that cigarette smoke causes epigenetic changes that may mark the first step toward lung cancer. Chronomics uses the world's first repeatable DNA test to track your epigenetic indicators annually so you can monitor your exposure to cigarette smoke and how this affects your disease risk levels over time.

1 in 7

There are approximately 1.1 billion smokers worldwide. That's around 1 in 7 people.

How can epigenetic testing help you avoid the impact of cigarette smoke on your health?

Chronomics gives you control of your DNA

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