"I honestly NEVER thought this would work." - Jenny, Chronomics customer

Use epigenetics to learn how smoking is impacting your health at a DNA level. Quit and see the benefits this is having on your DNA and your future health risks.

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Chronomics uses the world's most advanced DNA test to show you how quitting is improving your health today and reducing your disease risks tomorrow.

What can epigenetics do to help you quit?

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Measure The Impact

Discover how smoke exposure is affecting your health today using epigenetics. Learn what smoking does to your epigenetics and why it's important to stop today.

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Take Steps To Quit

Smoking is notoriously easy to start and hard to quit. Work with Chronomics to quit once and for all.

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Enjoy The Benefits

Discover how your disease risk has reduced and your future health has improved with a repeat test.

The biggest risk factor for lung cancer and heart disease is completely avoidable

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Lung cancer

90% of all causes of lung cancer are attributed to smoking.


8 out of 10 deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are attributed to smoking.

Heart Disease

Smokers are at 4x the risk of dying from heart disease.