A world first: welcome to epigenetics

Epi-whaaaat? Epigenetics

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Chronomics is pioneering the world's first
test. Welcome to the DNA test that moves.

What can Chronomics give me?

Be the first to know your epigenetic age

Understand your epigenetic age, what influences it and how to change it.

Search your changing DNA

Epigenetics is your changing DNA. Search through your data with our advanced tools.

Analyse yourself like never before

Our dedicated team of DNA experts will support you in your journey of epigenetic discovery.

Your DNA is fixed, and now it changes

Welcome to the world of epigenetics...


The typical methylation level of an epigenetic mark in your DNA.


The proportion of customers more than 3 years younger than their actual age.

More than 10GB

The amount of awesome data you get to explore.