[UK] COVID-19 travel testing to/from the UK

Before you book your tests:

If you need an outbound (fit to fly) negative test to enter your destination country:

  1. what type do you need (a PCR or Rapid Antigen)
  2. how many hours in advance (eg. 48hrs or 72hrs)
  3. and is this based on your arrival or departure time?
  4. does it need to be supervised? 

If you're unsure about any of the guidance, please visit the UK's FCDO website to find out (for legal reasons, you'll have to check this yourself).

Outbound (fit to fly) Covid-19 travel tests

Fit to Fly (Supervised Rapid Antigen)

We do not require you to pre-book your supervised slot with Chronomics staff. Once you are ready to register your kit and perform the test, press register your kit button and you will be assigned the next available supervising agent. Please note that you will be waiting in the virtual room queue, therefore make sure you have at least 1h available in case there are more customers waiting at the same time. 

With this test:

  • Service available from 11th February 2022, everyday 9:00-18:00 UK time
  • You will need a device that has a camera and a web browser
  • Order at least 5 days before your outbound travel
  • We’ll post the kit 4 days before your departure date (usually next-day delivery)
  • Check the FCDO website to find out how far in advance of travel your destination country asks this test to be taken.

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