No-stress testing for COVID-19 travel to/from the UK

Before you book your tests:

Vaccinated travellers returning to the UK must have at least a a Day 2 lateral flow kit
Unvaccinated travellers returning to the UK must have at least a Test To Return kit, a Day 2 PCR kit, a Day 8 PCR kit

You’ll also might need to know: If you need an outbound negative test to enter your destination country. If yes:

  1. what type do you need (a PCR or Rapid Antigen)
  2. how many hours in advance (eg. 48hrs or 72hrs)
  3. And is this based on your arrival or departure time?

If you're unsure about any of the guidance, please visit the UK's FCDO website to find out (for legal reasons, you'll have to check this yourself).

Tests for vaccinated travellers

Day 2 Lateral Flow Test

A lateral flow (rapid antigen) test that should be performed after you’ve returned to the UK.

With this test:

  • Order before you return to the UK
  • You get Passenger Locator Form number.
  • We’ll post the kit according to your arrival date
  • Instant results in under 30min. 

    Day 2 Lateral Flow - Click & Collect London Gatwick

    Click and collect locations:

    • Use this test as Day 2 test (vaccinated arrivals)
    • Passenger Locator Form Number Issued
    • Quick results within minutes

    Alternatively, our postage option is available to purchase here.

        Tests for unvaccinated travellers

        Test To Return*

        A rapid antigen (lateral flow) test that you take with you on holiday to be performed before your journey home. It’ll give you near-instant results and the certification you need to re-enter the UK.

        With this test:

        • Order at least 5 days before your outbound travel
        • We’ll post the kit 4 days before your departure date (usually next-day delivery)

        Unvaccinated bundle*

        This bundle includes:

        • Test To Return (rapid antigen test)
        • Day 2 (PCR test)
        • Day 8 (PCR test)

        With this option:

        • You need to order at least 5 days before you travel
        • Your Test To Return kit will be sent the same day*. Day 2 and Day 8 kits will be sent according to your arrival date back in the UK
          *if ordered before midday, working days only

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