TUI COVID-19 Testing

Welcome to your testing hub! Please enter your travel details below to continue. Chronomics provides full programmes of government-approved tests to keep you safe at every step of your journey.

IMPORTANT: If you’re booking a testing package with Fit To Fly included, you'll need to take this test sample only to a select few TUI Retail Stores during their opening hours, 3 days before you’re due to fly. This is because we have limited time to send out pre-departure tests and return results to you. A full list of stores offering this service are available here. A Fit To Fly checklist is available here.

If making this extra journey to drop off your sample is difficult, please book your Fit To Fly test with a local provider and select a basic Green/Amber TUI testing package instead. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Full FAQs for TUI customers here.

UK departure date
Chronomics is a UK government-approved testing provider. However, you are responsible for checking which tests are required by your destination country and selecting the correct package for your return to the UK (Green/Amber). If the country you are travelling to changes status, you can change your testing package.

Industry-trusted testing from Chronomics

What are the tests?

1. Fit To Fly PCR test (Plus only)

If you're travelling to a country that requires a negative COVID-19 test result for entry, you can perform this easy-to-use, Government-authorised PCR test to get the correct certification to board a plane out of the UK for your trip.

2. Rapid antigen test (Test To Return)

A simple, guided lateral flow testing kit to take with you on your trip, making it easy to get the certification you need before you travel to return to the UK.

3. Day 2 PCR test

An easy-to-use, Government-authorised PCR test you can take yourself, without leaving your address, on Day 2 of your self-isolation – part of the mandated testing programme whenever you return to the UK from abroad.

4. Day 8 PCR test (Amber only)

If you’re returning from a country on the UK Government’s Amber list, you’ll also need a second negative PCR test on or after Day 8 of your isolation. Chronomics will supply this via post for you to take at home and return to our labs for a quick result.

Step 1

As soon as you book your TUI holiday, order your two, three, or four-test package from Chronomics using the special discounted rate. Your Fit To Fly test kit (if applicable) will be sent 6 days before your departure date. Your Test To Return kit will be sent 3 days before you depart.

Step 2

Perform your pre-departure Fit To Fly test (if applicable) and drop it off at a TUI Store to return it, then pack your Rapid Antigen Test in your luggage and jump on the plane for your exciting holiday!

Step 3

Up to 72 hours before you are scheduled to fly back to the UK, perform your Test To Return Rapid Antigen Test according to the instructions included.

Step 4

Fly back to the UK, go home and unpack (self-isolating, if you're returning from an Amber country) and you'll find your inbound testing kits waiting for you.

Step 5

Register online your Day 2 PCR testing kit and return your sample to us using the pre-paid postage provided.

Step 6

Perform your Day 8 PCR test (if required) at the appropriate time. Assuming all your results are negative, you can then get back to life knowing you're safe to do so. Easy!

Your certification

The documents we provide have all the details you need to travel.

Foreign travel advice

Get the most up-to-date information for travelling overseas from the UK here.

Who are Chronomics?

Founded in 2017 as an epigenetics company, we’ve got lots of experience analysing people’s biological samples to give them actionable information about their health. Now, we’re using that expertise to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Our range of COVID-19 testing kits include rapid lateral flow tests, antibody tests and one of the world’s first saliva tests for coronavirus. They’re fast, easily performed at home and our saliva PCR tests are as highly accurate as others that use uncomfortable swabs. It’s also simple to register online with pre-paid priority delivery included, so your results will be with you in plenty of time for travelling.

Our tests use cutting-edge, entirely safe technology that has been scientifically validated in the UK, the EU, the US and by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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